Climate Storytellers Collective

As we seek to understand the complex changes in climate and their rippling impacts, we need more than just science to guide us. Instead we must weave science into our social lives and share our thinking with our values, our histories, and our future aspirations. To do this we must engage the many different traditions and forms of storytelling to name our climate stories. Specifically, we seek to lift and resource those whose stories and voices are often not as clearly heard as they ought to be due to continued power dynamics which inhibit just climate action work.

About the Collective

The Climate Storytellers Collective is an emerging network built from the UNFCCC PCCB Network collaborations in the summer of 2021. This effort will seeks to support the coherence, further capacity building, and spreading of climate empowerment learning and actions through storytelling in multiple media forms. More about the formation of the collective can be seen in our own story on the Climate Storytellers Workshops.

Storytellers in the Collective

Map of our storytellers coming soon.