Climate Storytelling Workshop

A program that builds the capacity of the capacity find, make, edit and share their most powerful stories addressing climate change.

In August and September 2021, in collaboration with the United Nation's PCCB Network, the Climate Storytellers workshop was created by CLEAR Environmental and Digital Storytellers as a four-part program to find, make, edit and share climate stories on how communities are addressing climate change and building climate capacity.

Through networking during the workshop and brainstorming the most impactful stories, collaborators were able to make their own digital climate stories using smartphones and affordable equipment. The final activity allowed them to collate and share stories across the network on this webpage.

BUILD Your Story by CLEAR Environmental

One aspect of climate storytelling that can be highlighted and lifted is that of capacity builders themselves, those working in areas of education, training, and public awareness. In Session 1, you'll brainstorm and reflect on your personal and/or organization’s climate action efforts. Writing groups will support each other on answering the question: How are you promoting and facilitating capacity to engage in climate action? In answering this question, we’ll also support you in thinking about the different formats in which you can tell your story (textual, photographic, audiovisual, etc).

Climate Storytellers: BUILD
Climate Storytellers: FIND

FIND Your Story by Digital Storytellers

In this practical workshop, participants will brainstorm and distill their ideas using the Story Canvas - a tool, based on the popular Business Model Canvas, which helps in thinking strategically and creatively about engaging audiences through compelling stories, whether for blog posts, videos, presentations or beyond.

MAKE Your Story by Digital Storytellers

In this 90-minute workshop participants will learn the skills to create digital content, including videos and imagery, without the need for expensive equipment or a big budget. This is a VERY hands on workshop where participants will use smartphones, tablets and more to practice filmmaking and photography.

Climate Storytellers: MAKE
S4 Climate Storytellers: COMMUNICATE

COMMUNICATE Your Story by CLEAR Environmental

After documenting your story visually with Digital Storytellers, we invite you to return for a final workshop on writing well-crafted communication tools or ‘vignettes’ that allow you to share your work on capacity building in areas of education, training, and public awareness in your own voice with diverse audiences in all parts of society. In this second workshop of our series, we will collectively present and share communication tools and explore how to organize their distribution on a webpage hosted in collaboration with the PCCB network to help the public mobilize for climate action. Along with publishing your multimedia vignette, which may include the video piece created in collaboration with Digital Storytellers, we will delve into future possibilities of collaboratively writing policy related to your climate empowerment work!

Climate Storytellers Policy Template

Copy of ACE Policy Brief Template


This workshop was produced in collaboration with the PCCB Network, CLEAR Environmental, and Digital Storytellers.